This blog is based out of Northeastern Ontario, and run by one person only, yours truly, who strives to give you the best content from coast to coast to coast while still obtaining an acceptable amount of sleep. The main thing here is to provide strictly Canadian content. You will never ever see anything that comes from anyone other than people of our true North strong and free.

I’d love hearing from you! Music submissions are more than welcome. I don’t promise to blog about everything you send me, but I do promise to listen to everything with an open ear. If you’re interested in contacting me, whether you’re a band/musician with a submission or an appreciative reader, you can reach me at a variety of places. Here are the means:

  • Send a tweet my way on Twitter,
  • Get in contact through Facebook, or
  • My favourite – send me an email: soundvat@gmail.com
Another thing; on the blog you’ll often see free downloads, or links to downloads. If you like what you hear, go buy albums, perhaps some merchandise, and go to shows! Everyone benefits when this happens. Musicians work hard! They deserve your appreciation!

Lastly, if you’re a record company or a band and have any issues with anything that has been put up on the blog, please do let me know, and I’ll take down whatever needs to be taken down immediately.

Thanks again, I love you all. Keep the Canadian music alive!


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